Vetro Point s.a.s

Vetro Point s.a.s

VetroPoint has been operational in the Aosta Valley since 1999. It is affiliated with the DoctorGlass brand and employs specialised and qualified staff to replace and repair car and lorry windows. The company is recognised by the main insurance companies and provides services to the world of vehicles and the world of glass in the building sector.

VetroPoint offers the following services:

  • replacement and repairs of glass of all brands
  • application of approved and llumar brand certified tinted and safety films for cars
  • buffing of lights and micro scratches on windscreens
  • application of anti-rain treatment
  • recalibration of A.D.A.S. systems
  • vehicle wash, valeting and sanitisation, using an innovative steam system
  • replacement of windscreen wiper brushes
  • management of insurance claims for clients with window insurance
  • application of anti-heat and safety heat on building glass

The company has been trading for nearly twenty years and has acquired experience and professionalism in the automotive sector, especially in the replacement and repair of glass and the application of films for cars. As it is affiliated with the DoctorGlass brand, it can offer a range of services and certified products which are designed to provide the best result and offer a high quality service.
In the films for building sector, VetroPoint has installed products in public and private buildings, applying films and certifying the safety of schools, sport facilities such as the indoor swimming pool in Aosta, gyms and banks.

Company figures

< 500.000 €
Staff numbers
< 10



Via Garin, 63
11100 Aosta (AO)
+39 0165 261000

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