S.I.I.M. Snc

SIIM from La Thuile, run by the Arnod family, specialises in making civil and industrial hydraulic equipment and in making fire-fighting equipment.

We also make and install civil and industrial heating equipment using gas, pellets, and oil. We also maintain and replace burners for gas, pellet, and oil-fired heaters, and install pellet-fired heaters.

With all our skill and experience, and all the equipment, machinery, and technology we have at our disposal, we also work in earthmoving, snow clearance, and road salting with automated lorries.

S.I.I.M. ENERGIA, on the other hand, works in transforming and installing biomass systems and the sale of pellets. Among the other types of work we do, we provide "saved energy," a district heating system paid for by councils (including conservation and maintenance costs).

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Loc. Pera Carà, 8
11016 La Thuile (AO)
+39 0165 884141

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