Les Bières du Grand St.Bernard - Chaco srl

Les Bières du Grand St.Bernard - Chaco srl

With the brand Les Bières du Grand St.Bernard, Chaco srl produces artisanal non-pasteurised beer with Valdostan water from the valley of the Gran San Bernardo.

The philosophy of Les Bières du Grand St. Bernard is encapsulated in the meaning of the logo which represents the meeting and the balance between Nature and Man. The two crossed infinity symbols represent the Universe of Nature and the Universe of Man that meet to give rise to beer, rotating around the four fixed points that are the raw materials: water, cereal, hops and yeast.

The company presently offers 7 types of beer:

  • Napea: Helles lager, pale, 4.8%c alc/vol
  • Balance: Marzen ager, amber, 5.6% alc/vol
  • Amy: oatmeal stout, black, 5.6% alc/vol
  • Gnp: spiced Tripel, pale, 8.0% alc/vol
  • Blou: roggen/rye beer, pale amber, 5.0% alc/vol
  • Via Francigena: ordinary bitter, pale, 3.3% alc/vol
  • Couche, pumpkin ale, amber, 6.0% alc/vol

Les Bières du Grand St. Bernard products are available in Italy, Switzerland and Australia.

Company figures

< 500.000 €
Staff numbers
< 10





Fraz. Chambavaz, 11
11010 Gignod (AO)
3403973425 / 3351336838

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