Alpe S.r.l.

Alpe S.r.l.

The Alpe distillery has been working for over 50 years and specialises in producing traditional liqueurs and spirits from the Aosta Valley. The small-scale production faithfully follows the traditions of the old Aostan distilleries, without using artificial flavouring or colours, and instead carefully distils infusions of invaluable Alpine herbs. The liqueurs are completely natural and keep all the aroma and natural properties of the mountain.

The production of the Alpe distillery ranges from the region’s traditional liqueurs, such as Genepy to herbal bitters and grappa. In particular, the jewel in the crown of the Alpe distillery is the production of Genepy, a liqueur made with small mountain herbs from the Artemisia family, which grow during the summer at over 2000 metres, on morainic terrain at the foot of glaciers throughout the extent of the western sweep of the Alps. Mountain tradition has for many years recognised the numerous beneficial effects of these plants, which are used for their digestive, diuretic and antiseptic uses as well as for deworming and countering fevers. For this reason Genepy has for time immemorial been known by the Aostan mountain people, who for generations have passed down recipes for infusions and liqueurs based on these herbs.

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