Akhet S.r.l.

Akhet S.r.l.

With over twelve years' experience in the field of Cultural Heritage, Akhet provides planning, management and enhancement of cultural assets for public and private entities. It operates in the field of archeological research with proven methodologies which have been developed over many years of experience and using new technologies to enhance sites and areas with historic or landscape interest.

Over the last five years it has developed specific expertise in the challenging planning phase of projects drafting many “Archaeological Impact Assessments” in the territory which have enabled the company to acquire considerable experience and expertise in the legislation on protection and on planning and implementation of work.


  • Planning and implementation of archaeological digs
  • 2D and 3D surveys and graphic reconstructions
  • Laser scanner surveys and filming with drones
  • Design and implementation of territorial IT systems and relational databases for cultural assets
  • Preventive archaeology
  • Planning exhibitions and museums
  • Cultural tourism
  • Restoration
  • Specialised studies
  • Education

The company's work has always been characterised by dynamism, with interdisciplinary collaboration with specialists, guaranteeing administrative and operative efficiency recognised by ISO 9001 certification obtained in 2011, with a well-established financial and organisation structure attested by SOA cat. OS25 certification – archaeological excavations classified IV bis for public works.

The company is committed to its openness towards foreign markets with large projects both in Italy (Herculaneum Conservation Project www.hcp.org) and abroad with prestigious and successful collaborations such as one with the Paul Getty Museum (Bulla Regia Mosaicon Project), and with GOPA (Protection and Enhancement of the Algerian Archeological Heritage - EuropeAid).

Company figures

1M € ÷ 2M €
Staff numbers
11 ÷ 20




Loc. Closellinaz, 44A
11010 Roisan (AO)
+39 0165 548936

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