Agrival (Ristorante Del Monte di Berolatti Luca)

Agrival (Ristorante Del Monte di Berolatti Luca)

Agrival ®, the historic brand from the Aosta Valley which produces jam, marmalade, sauces and chutney, in 2015 was taken over by Chef Luca Berolatti, who has decided to embrace traditions and rigorous production methods as synonyms for quality.

All products are of high quality and have a strong personality. They are prepared without the use of thickeners, colouring or any form of additive.

Aosta Valley apples are not only found in superior breakfast jam, available in apple and pink grapefruit for teatime, but also in the various sauces to accompany roasts and boiled meat and those designed to go with cheeses: from the unusual apple and liquorice to enjoy with blue-veined cheeses, to classic apple and green tomato for rich semi-soft cheeses such as Fontina and the more unusual apple and habanero, which goes well with both cheeses and boiled meat.

The spreadable cream "Reina dou lacë" is also linked to the traditional products of the Aosta Valley, like the apple-base jams. It is called the Queen of Milk as it is made with milk from Vadaostan Red Spotted cows, Piedmont hazelnuts and cocoa.

BREAKING NEWS – Agrival has launched a promising collaboration with La Maison des Anciens Remèdes to produce ancient natural remedies.

All products are made with carefully selected raw materials.

The various production steps are carried out in a traditional artisanal manner: from the selection of the fruit, to cooking in 4kg batches, to labelling.

Company figures

< 500.000 €
Staff numbers
< 10





Corso Lancieri d'Aosta, 13/I
11100 Aosta (AO)
+39 347 7818340

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