Agri Tecnica Valdostana di Guolo Richard

Agri Tecnica Valdostana di Guolo Richard

A strong and established presence in the Aosta Valley with many years experience passed on within the family, Agri-Tecnica Valdostana, created to design and create sheds and equipment for cattle, goats and sheep, has over the years expanded its range with an increasing presence in the creation and the maintenance of medium-lightweight and heavy metal carpentry, metal doors and windows, load-bearing structures, gangways, bridges, steps, fencing and railings, the supply of zinc-coated or painted materials.

It is expanding and based on increased demand from the industrial sector, it is investing in technology and qualified staff so that it can guarantee a fast response time and superior quality.

At present the company mainly works in collaboration with many construction firms in the region, contributing to the creation of irrigation systems, artificial snow systems and ski lifts. It can offer personalised solutions both for simple structures and for complex projects, from making the product to its installation using its own vehicles, equipment and specialised workers.

Company figures

< 500.000 €
Staff numbers
< 10





Zona industriale, 4/A
11020 Saint-Marcel (AO)
0165 764085

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